Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Unlucky 13

Everything was tispy-turvy wacky today. Nobody was stopping at stop signs, I forgot how to get back to my own house, and I broke my camera. I'm so used to having bad luck that I feel unphased by this. I live by the motto, "Everything that could go wrong will go wrong", so I'm confident that I can get past this!
I did manage to snap some photos of my "First Day of Work" outfit before the inevitable fall of my SLR.

 Mind you, my job is as a personal assistant to a former acting coach temporarily turned english teacher. She's the creative type, so I don't have to blazer-it every day, and I even took this as a chance to get out my vintage cowboy boots.

Dress - Asos
Jean jacket - Asos
Thin braided belt - Forever 21+
Cowboy boots - Thrifted

I realize that these photos aren't the cutest or best lit, but my beautiful nikon took the dive to the ground before I could get some good shots. These will just have to do because I really liked this outfit and didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to post it.
Lilgrrrlcreep xoxo

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