Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Queen Alien of the Internet

I went shopping the other day, with some recently earned cash. (Yeah, of course the first thing I do when I get a pay check is spend it on clothes I don't need.) I tried this amazing mirror-image body-con dress on, and my heart exploded love goo all over the dressing room mirror. It's the perfect amount of funky and touches my weirdo-vibes in just the right angle to make green, out-of-this-world fashion-inspired splooge escape out of my person. 

Dress - Fashion to Figure
Sunglasses - bodega in Israel
Bitch bow - Gifted, Hot Topic
Shoes - UrbanOG

Last fall, I bought this ~!*absolutely adorable*!~ green eyeliner from Ricky's. It honestly makes me feel like an alien goddess, which is one of my life goals. 

My bestie Christian got us matching skull bracelets from Fashion to Figure. I, obviously, am REALLY about it.

I also wanted to show off the purple lippy from Lime Crime, also. 
Lilgrrrlcreep xoxo

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