Monday, December 23, 2013

Fortune Telling for the Holidays

I'm a 22 year old that recently graduated university. That fact in itself is filled with frustration, mystery and cluelessness. Since receiving my diploma in May, I've gone through most of the phases of grief for my college years. The week I graduated, I denied that I'd have to face the real world by celebrating with my friends at various bars every night. When I moved out of my beloved college apartment, I was angry to return home, mostly because I knew I'd have to live with my parents. I bargained with myself, through my anger, and inevitably thought that moving away to Chicago was going to make me become the adult I had to be. A few months later, I was fighting through an awful depression about being back in my childhood room. The only step left is acceptance, and I'm more than ready to get on to this stage of the grieving process. 
As you might have read on Bitchtopia, my best friend's mother has recently converted to Wicca. She offered for me to get a Tarot reading from one of her witch buddies. Even though I'm a little weary about these kind of things, I took the reading as an opportunity to hear a new opinion on what might be possible for my future because I'm slowly learning that I have no idea what my next move should be.
Just like talking to a therapist, my Tarot reading didn't give me an answer. It gave me a better sense of direction.
For my personality card, I pulled "The Emperor", which symbolizes that I am powerful yet pragmatic and have a very masculine aura. For my future cards, I pulled "The Empress" and "The High Priestess". My reader explained that this could mean that I am going to meet a woman who will make a difference in my life. "The Empress" is a perfect match to "The Emperor", which means I could be meeting someone who will be a very powerful force for my future. It's all very relative, as my present and past cards were all symbols of uncertainty, lost love and indecision.
What I've learned from my reading is that I need to focus on what I really want. I am the only one with the power to decide my future, and I can't just wait around for things to fall on to my lap. Just like "The High Priestess" card symbolizes, I probably already knew this within my subconscious. It's time to make my dreamer attitude actualize and really get to work. 

Just like the fortune told, my focus is already honing in, because my outfit today was probably the cleanest I've had in a while. I have to thank Ms. BeccaBae for making this outfit as amazing as it is. For the holidays, I signed up for a secret santa swap with some other fatshion bloggers. I was lucky enough to get this fox, and she sent me the absolutely beautiful scarf and TOTALLY ADORBS "Nope" wood ring. She sent me more goodies, but I'm going to reveal them with outfits that match them respectively. Maybe Becca is the wonderful woman sent to me to change my life, because I know she has already given me so much, just by being the beautiful, empowering lady that she is. 

Leather moto-jacket - A.n.a. via JC Penny
White Peter pan collar shirt - Amazon
Pink and white striped boat shirt - Old Navy
Burgundy cotton body con skirt - Target
 Velvet flats - Old Navy

My only complaint about this outfit is the skirt. I originally bought it because I adored the color, it WASN'T black and it was body con. When I put the skirt over my body, it sticks to me like glue but no matter how I wash it or wear it, after 15 minutes, it stretches out to be a loose pencil skirt. It's looks wrinkly and messy after less than an hour of wear. We can list this one under "Do Not Want." 

I know it's hard to believe, but my hair only took 5 minutes to do! I sectioned my hair into two sections (the top half and bottom half.) The lower half goes into a high ponytail, which gets teased and pinned into a bun. The upper half gets light teased over the bun and pinned over it. If I ever figure out how to make a nice video, I'll make a tutorial. It's quite possibly the cleanest, easiest vintage style I've ever mastered. 

Wallet - Betsey Johnson via Macy's
"Nope" ring - present from BeccaBae
Pink nail polish - "Pink About It" by Essie
Silver glitter nail polish - "Set in Stones" by Essie

(My jacket is super old and ratty. It's probably time for a new one, but a good moto jacket is so hard to find!)

Christian, who has taken most of my photos, has gotten so fantastic at head shots. It was hard to pick just these two. He's really fantastic and talented and it always blows my mind when he starts a new hobby and just NAILS IT every time. I guess that's what one can do when they harness the power of staying driven and focused. Now it's my turn!
~xoxo your local imaginary ghoulfriend

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fre$h New 'Do

 Instead of falling into the depths of Winter depression, I colored my hair. After days of google image searching, lurking my favorite blogs and opening an endless amount tabs with pictures of hairspo, I knew I needed a funky ombre. I have had a blonde panel in my bangs for almost two years. I'm a creature of habit, so dying bangs one color was really brave of me.

I'm still 50%/50% about this dress, but I love it so much off of my body, that I can't imagine returning it. It's a swing dress from ASOS. I only like the way it looks with a belt, but I definitely need a fresh new black belt to wear it with. For now, I took a belt off of a Summer dress combo. It looks alright. I wish the cut of the shoulders were higher up because I think it would make the whole dress fall better.

Dress: Asos
Tights: SPANX
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Dolce Vita

These were my first pair of ~!*fancy*!~ shoes. I bought them 3 years ago, at DSW. I very rarely wear them, because the tongue always slides all the way under the rest of the shoe, and they're not comfortable to wear for long periods of time, but DAMN those buckles are cute.

xoxogossipgurl ;) :*