Sunday, October 13, 2013

Little Bambi

Unlike most days in New Jersey, today was gorgeous. My friend Christian and I headed over to the nature reserve by my house in hopes of hanging out with some deer. Little Bambi had taken the day off, to our dismay. I still had a wonderful time. There are some friends that you can just be ridiculous with. My favorite part of today was driving down the Palisades Parkway, in his old hand-me-down car, windows down, singing loudly to Demi Lovato. Sometimes you just have to sing about sky scrapers to passers by.

Dress - Target
Jean jacket- Asos
Another pair of ripped tights - Nordstrom Rack
Necklace - Torrid from '07
Ring - accessory store in Ridgewood, NJ
Boots - Doc Martens

My outfit was based off of a simple dress, so I chose my most obnoxious ring to dress it up a bit. I knew when I bough this ring that I'd feel kind of loud wearing it. Since it weights a million pounds, it's hard to ignore. 

I'm super obsessed with my purple velvet docs. I'm excited for this cooler weather so I can wear them more, and possibly invest in a new pair. Not to mention, some of my hair matches them!

Lilgrrrlcreep xoxo

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