Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Put a Bow on It!

Since the tragic camera-breaking incident occurred, my friend Christian was a good sport and took some photos of my outfit. It was a little chilly, but I still got an ice coffee (and also some pumpkin munchkins, which I've been affectionately calling "punkin' munchkies"all day. Doubly yum!)

Let's have an honest moment here, though: I'm not super in love with this outfit. Every step along the way, this outfit saw problems. I put the dress on, and even though the cut-out design is really adorable, there wasn't enough "oomph" in my figure, so I added the bow belt. I really wanted to wear the cable-knit sweater, but after an hour, it stretched out. So, even though I probably would have been warm enough with just the sweater, I wore my new bomber jacket over it. In true fashion, the dress rides up every chance it gets, and my chub rub preventative shorts peak through.

Dress - Old Navy
Cable knit sweater - Target
Bow belt - Torrid
Bomber jacket - Forever 21+
Lace bike shorts- Alihalla on Etsy
Peach flats - H&M

Unless I do laundry tonight or tomorrow, (which, lets face it, I probably won't), I took photos of my new gel manicure and am going to do a review + tutorial to post for tomorrow! BE EXCITED!

Lilgrrrlcreep xoxo

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