Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dear Diary

I came ridiculously close to being employed this week. Two interviews, six written articles, and a week of "you're the most talented applicant thus far" later, my writing voice was "too young" for the conservative marketing company. The most disappointing fact of the whole process was that I knew this potential employer was going to put me through the ringer. Sometimes you have to stick things out, regardless of the inevitable outcome, just for the experience. Damn, do I feel experienced. 
Luckily, the same morning I wasn't offered this job, I was named #11 on Buzzfeed's "18 Body Positive Bloggers You Should Be Following." Being named on that list, along with some fellow amazing bloggers, reminded me that even if I'm not the right fit for one job, I'm definitely working towards a larger goal. Bitchtopia is my number one project at the moment, and it's definitely worth the time!

I got inspired to wear a crop top today because of #skorchcropshot #skorch #skorchmag #skorchmagazine. Yes, all those tags are necessary. 

Top - Thrifted
Pink Skirt - Target
Double Sided Tights - SPANX
Scarf - Borrowed from Christian because BRRRR
Velvet Combat Boots - Doc Martens 

My friend and photographer, Christian, took some really interesting, fantastic photos. We were so cold, and kept switching jackets, but we made it werk. 

My lipstick is Beth Ditto for MAC: Dear Diary

THIS AMAZING PIZZA RING was another gift given to me by TheFattestFox, formally BeccaBae. 


  1. Amazing. I especially like the bright pink! Sucks about the employment, though =/

    1. It was a great experience to have, I'm not terribly upset. Plus, it gave me 6 new articles to use for Bitchtopia. It all works out in the end!