Monday, November 25, 2013

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

I loved my last winter coat so much that I bought it even though it wasn't large enough in the chest area. It was so hard to find the *perfect* cut coat for me, that I compromised the top button with scarves and high-cut sweaters. Five years ago, when I bought that coat, I didn't understand that I should be aiming to buy clothes I'm comfortable in because I'm going to be plus size for a while, if not forever. I should NOT be buying clothes that don't fit, with the hopes of fitting into it later. That's just gonna f*ck with my mental state. In conclusion: It was time for a new coat. 
I've been searching harder than Sherlock Holmes for a coat in a size 20/22, with a fitted waist that's not puffy and still warm and also under $200. I had a few coats that I loved and would probably be perfect, like this coat, but they were all too expensive for me to actually purchase. I ordered 3 reasonably priced coats from ASOS, and wasn't happy with any of them. Their Fit and Flare coat was the closest I got, but I sent it back because I couldn't deal with the drop waist. I'm only 5'3'' and I need a high waist. (empire, if possible.) 
Then there was the Hell Bunny Millie coat. I first saw it on the Re/Dress site, as a preorder, and I hit up Erin (aka zerostyle) right away to get all the details. I checked the measurements, and I thought it would be too small for me, so I gave up on the idea of ordering it. My mom, sick of me not having a winter coat, ordered it for me as a surprise. I could absolutely cry about how perfect it is.

First off, the black details lines are actually velvet. It's adorable and makes me excited just by looking at it. The cuffs are asymmetrical, making for a very flattering edge. Basically, the detailing on this coat is to die for. I'm a size 20, usually a 22 for winter coats, and this coat is a 4x. It fits a tad snug in the chest, as suspected, but it's a double breasted coat, so I plan on re-sewing the buttons for a more lose fit. I haven't done that yet, and as you can see, the coat still fits and (in my opinion) super flattering. I took the belt off because it makes the waist appear lower, and I like a high waist. I'll probably still use the belt every once and while, though, because it's adds a different touch to the style. 
As for warmth, I'd give this a medium to high rating. I like being cold and it takes me a little bit longer to get cold than most, so I'm not sure if I'm a great person to gage this BUT I took these pictures out in 20 degree weather and didn't shiver at all. Once I adjust the buttons, I'll be able to wear many layers of sweaters under this, and I think that I'll be warm enough for snowy winter days. 

Yeah, I'm wearing a wig for these night time photos. I was feeling super goth today, and it just felt right. I attended a hair extension seminar with a friend and needed my synthetic fix. I'm keen of this look, but I could never commit to black hair 24/7. I'm way too pale. 

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